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Originally found this on PornHub cause I got bored as fuck and searched up Steven Universe to laugh my ass at this porn animation. The animation is okay but like many porn animations they really don't have a plot. In fact I'm young to find this attractive, however you deserve at least 3 stars for talent & animation.


are u ok.
u need to die
no u
It was okay but it could use some work.

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I'm not impressed. Just look at the game. It's not a Run 'n Gun game and cannot figure out how to get somewhere in this game. The 2D sprite looks nowhere close to the 3D environment around it. It looks more real than the character we play as. Speaking of which... The sprite has barely any animation and looks like it was stolen off the internet. Now this person you see down here should have looked at the game more because holy crap... Why a 5 star? I could see why a 3 star would be necessary as while the 2D sprite and the other stuff I talk about, the building, 3D modeling looks decent and seems like the only thing I could complement I could give you. Once again to other people, don't take this way too far. I don't want to start a war but rather say that sometimes 3D and 2D don't mix sometimes. Bye and have a good day.

can we give this a 4 star for being sexy

I admire what you were trying to do here, it is a cool idea but wasn't processed outright. This is supposed to be an action game where you kill monsters, which is cool and fine with me. But how you use your sword and jumping is just... eh. Jumping feels like your almost on the moon, which is bad. You're supposed to feel like your... jumping in real life. Or in this case feel like it. I get one part when you need to jump that far, but have you heard of double jumping? The controls are nice. Oh wait, I forgot about the sword. The sword can't be used again until the animation stops. Not a big problem unless the enemy takes about three hits to take, meaning you have to jump over it until you kill it. I'm pretty sure you can't do that in Link or something. But I have hope you can make better games in the future. Don't let a score stop you from making games. I believe you can make games.

Yodamies responds:

I haven't even thought a double jump feature but yea it sounds like a good idea. And for the sword part I made it so that you can't spam the attack and it makes the game harder.
Thanks for the response :)

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Ey it sounds alright. I think you might do alright on here. Though I advise you to make more patterns. But I think you'll do fine on here.

Pikachu454 responds:

Hey, thanks a lot! I appreciate that!

why is this so good

Rayman Advance vibes.

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Nice someone knows the classics. Nice picture!

Hey, that's pretty good.

SentryTurbo responds:


Cool art, you should try more in the future! I love Ducktales actually so thanks for making this!

I have moved to a new profile soon enough, I'm gonna say it right now, I did not in fact make my pfp. You may hate me, I was in the wrong and will take in a new change of my life. Hopefully I can make some animations soon.


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